El amor, ese pretendido bien (Spanish Edition)

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Dreaming With Our Eyes Open

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A dos decadas de su aparicion, la fuerza y el poder evocativo de este libro se mantienen intactos. Fernando del Paso urde una novela coral donde, atraves del testimonio de una multitud de personajes anonimos y celebres, asistimos a uno de los momentos mas fascinantes en la historia de Mexico. Esta obra monumental, donde la ficcion y la historia se descubren indescirnibles, es primordial en la narrativa hispanoamericana y clave para entender el siglo XIX. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published by Punto de Lectura first published November 27th More Details Original Title.

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Napoleon III was looking for a perfect buffoon to marshal the task of helping to turn Mexico into a satellite state and Maximilian filled those formidable boots as Napoleon turned his formidable back on his fool one month following the coronation. At the centre of this novel, Carlota, and her marvellous monologue, rolling into page chapter after page chapter, shocking and relentless and a thing of sheer prose perfection that rolls and rolls until this fat whopper bursts from its oversize britches sporting several cockrings of undeniable talent and magisterial wonder.

Very long. View all 12 comments. Feb 22, Guille rated it really liked it. View 2 comments. View all 30 comments. Jan 08, Elisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-novels , favorites. Y por lo mismo, uno no siente que el autor prefiere a uno u otro lado.

Un libro insuperable. CRAZY good. View all 5 comments. Really really really good. Certainly belongs on any list of great 20thc novels. This and Palinuro of Mexico are just fantastic, and you should get both on your shelves and into your brains quick-smart. This is a huge, dense book, more of a collection of scenes and observations from a panoply of characters than a novel with traditional narrative.

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (Chapter 6) - The Cambridge Companion to Latin American Poetry

This gives you the liberty to dip in, follow your own piqued interest, and go back better informed to get more out your next foray into 19th century Mexico. The Empire of the title is that of Maximilian and Carlota, sent to Mexico in by European powers at the request of a cadre of Mexican business leaders. The good news is that News fro This is a huge, dense book, more of a collection of scenes and observations from a panoply of characters than a novel with traditional narrative.

The good news is that News from the Empire is interesting enough to get you to do this, but the bad news is that it can wear you out. Mayo, and Maximilian's Garden by Nina Vida.

Meaning of "mal" in the Spanish dictionary

It is incredibly difficult to give a snapshot any period of Mexican history but let me try. After more than thirty years of revolving governments following Mexican Independence, a group of wealthy Mexican businessmen ask Napoleon III of France to send them a monarch. Stroking those astonishing mustaches, Napoleon considered that with the US involved in civil war, this was really a great opportunity for France to get a toehold back in North America. He chose the reluctant Austrian Hapsburg prince Maximilian for the job Max was told that the Mexican people had held a plebecite and wanted him to be their emperor, not discovering until he was already there that the whole thing was rigged.

Accompanying him was Carlota, Archduchess of Belgium and statecraft-savvy consort. Mexico had recently elected Benito Juarez to the presidency. An Indian from Oaxaca who didn't learn to read until he was a teen but became a respected lawyer, Juarez was a brilliant man who many saw as just the guy to get Mexico functioning without foreign intervention.

Like most deified leaders Juarez is rarely protrayed as having a sense of humor; Del Paso includes a charming scene where you realize that Juarez is a little starstruck by gossip of the very tall European prince with lavish coppery whisker being a Zapotec Indian, Juarez was short and lacked facial hair. He gets over it and war ensues. I'm sure there are all sorts of holes in the above, but it it is only meant to serve as a scene setter.

Del Paso uses the crazy, elderly Carlots as one of his narrators, as well as French soldiers, Mexican expats, and Mexican citizens shellshocked by decades of turmoil and crackpot governments. It's the sort of book that gets you to delve into internet research of Eugenie of France and travel in s Mexico. You can skitter around to other reading, but it is likely that you will be drawn back for some more news from the Empire. This book, in great detail, explores the events, circumstances, and historical background surrounding this; basically from the suspension of the interest payments up to the death of Carlota.

The book is set up with an alternating chapter structure.

municipaltenders.com/bas-mobile-number-tracking.php All even number chapters deal with the historical events leading up to and encompassing the Second Mexican Empire. Parts of them are densely written, meticulously researched, almost encyclopedic columns of text describing — in minute detail — all of the historic considerations that went into each decision and action around the years described. Other parts of these chapters — there are numerous methods utilized to provide the history around this time — are made up of letters, advertisements, testimony obtained through torture, detailed recitation of the protocol and guidelines of attending court dinner; and, of course, more standard narrative.

All of this is bolstered and fleshed out by a constant flow and background of rumor, innuendo, hearsay and conflicting information of course, history itself is made up of all of that. Oddly, the book reads and feels very European, so it was fun when I would run into sections that reminded me that I was in fact reading a Mexican novel. We find fault with Mexico in every way. In Europe we laugh at Santa Anna for having imposed a tax on windows, when the window tax was an English concept from the s. We also deride Santa Anna for having created a miniature court on his little Danish island.

But of course no one dared laugh at him, because, even there, he still terrified them. I think that we can safely say there were dozens of them, as well as a long succession of military dictatorships. There, in the basin that overflows with crystal-clear water, a white dove is perching on its rim. How I would love to have danced it with you. Those glass eyes look at me from far away, from the foot of a hill covered with dirt and cacti. They look at me in wonder as though to ask why and how it is that so many things have happened that you never heard of before.

Oh, and Carlota is gloriously insane. And, being insane, she is delightfully unreliable. Carlota, one more time. I have a dagger piercing my breast. I have, piercing my breast, a dream. That dream is a lie. The cage is made of glass, and inside it is your skull dressed in the feathers of the nightingales from Steiermark that you took with you to Mexico.

The lie is so lazy that it sleeps in the yellow dregs of absinthe and only awakens on your lips when you speak of your Empire.

The lie swims at the bottom of the most lavish dreams, but the lie is such a liar that it spins out of its own orbit and filters, like the saliva of heaven, like heavenly spittle, through the white scales of the clouds. The armadillos die laughing because you were executed on June 19th. The canoes, loaded with vanilla, are unable to perfume the mausoleum in the Capuchin monastery. Listen to me.

If you want to know what a lie is, I will tell you again and again: you can recognize it by its propellers made of salamander skin, and by the unrelenting lightning coming off its copper palate, by the hideous surprise in its artificial eyes. They belong to Saint Ursula. Maximilian, if you want to know a lie, look at yourself in the mirror of my dreams, and you will see its image from head to toe.

El amor, ese pretendido bien (Spanish Edition) El amor, ese pretendido bien (Spanish Edition)
El amor, ese pretendido bien (Spanish Edition) El amor, ese pretendido bien (Spanish Edition)
El amor, ese pretendido bien (Spanish Edition) El amor, ese pretendido bien (Spanish Edition)
El amor, ese pretendido bien (Spanish Edition) El amor, ese pretendido bien (Spanish Edition)
El amor, ese pretendido bien (Spanish Edition) El amor, ese pretendido bien (Spanish Edition)
El amor, ese pretendido bien (Spanish Edition) El amor, ese pretendido bien (Spanish Edition)
El amor, ese pretendido bien (Spanish Edition) El amor, ese pretendido bien (Spanish Edition)

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