Ireland in World War Two: Neutrality and the Art of Survival

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Dublin: Four Courts Press. Cork, Ireland: Cork University Press. Global Insights on Theatre Censorship. London: Routledge. Jimmy's Hall: A Screenplay. Pontefract: Route Publishing. Cork: Cork University Press. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Press. Dublin and Cork: Mercier press. Dublin and Cork: Mercier Press. Cork: Galley head Press. Basingstoke: Palgrave. Cork: The Collins Press. Cork: Collins Press. Irish Neutrality in the Second World War'. History Ireland , 4. Irish history and Irish film. Social reality and politcal imagination in Peadar O'Donnell's fiction.

Neutrality and Censorship in Wartime Ireland, Historical consultancy to Murphy Brewery Ireland Ltd. In October I began to organise and oversee the co-ordination and transfer of the Beamish and Crawford company records to an archival repository and to begin the process of organising a history of Beamish and Crawford..

Contributor to Bowman Saturday 8. Punch Industries: research and historical consultancy for a th anniversary book, Punch, , published Pro bono historical consultant for the new proprietors of the building which formerly held historical St Peter's Market, Cornmarket Street, Cork.

The play, which centres on the wartime experiences of two young girls, had a highly successful run at the Half Moon Theatre in May , attended by many school groups from Cork city and county. I helped in the production of a learning pack which dealt with Ireland during the Emergency and helped organise a post-performance question-and-answer session.

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The Condemned Irish Soldiers of WWII

Glavin was with the OSS. Dulles, late in , would lead the OSS mission to Germany. Nazi death camp 45 miles from Warsaw, Poland, that opened in July By the time the camp closed in November , at least , Jews were exterminated. Researchers may find useful Alexander Donat, ed. It was initially set up to provide help for the peoples of liberated countries. In the immediate post-war period it looked after displaced persons. It began work in North Africa in the winter of , followed the Allied armies into Europe and was at its most active in It assisted over 1 billion people, and destributed 24 million tons of goods, including 9 million tons of food and 11 million tons of industrial equipment of which Italy received half.

Its refugee camps provided food and shelter for several million "displaced persons. Before it was phased out on June 30, , it turned over its work to various United Nations agencies. From to served as Germany's Ambassador to Austria and as the German ambassador to Turkey between September and August Deutsch, Franco y Bahamonde, General Francisco.

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Fascist Caudillo leader of Spain, who refused to join the Axis and would not permit the passage of German troops through Spain to attack Gibraltar. His principal fighting contributions to the Axis cause was to allow army and air units to fight on the Easter Front Blue Division and Spanish Legion. Indicator for a series of reports from a supposedly spurious source in the Vatican. German Counsel General in Turkey The War Refugee Board WRB was established within the Executive Office of the President by Executive Order of January 22, , "to effectuate with all possible speed the rescue and relief of victims of enemy oppression who are in imminent danger of death, and otherwise to afford such victims all possible relief and assistance consistent with the successful prosecution of the war.

The Board worked with foreign governments to gain their participation in the Board's plans and programs.

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The membership of the board included the Secretaries of State, War, and the Treasury. The Board was terminated by Executive Order of September 14, Financial attache at the U. Embassy, Lisbon, Portugal during the war.

Why did they fight for Britain? Irish recruits to the British forces,

Code name for War Refugee Board. The British Statutory List was very similar to the American Proclaimed List, in that it published the names of persons and firms in areas outside of enemy control who had in some way rendered significant aid to the enemy war machine, and that those listed were proscribed from trading with the British Empire. British Missions in December , began issuing navicerts, i.

Initially, the Missions issued the navicert either on their own responsibility or after reference to the Ministry of Economic Warfare MEW. Where all the cargo in a ship was covered by navicerts the ship could be given a navicert of its own. After the fall of France when the rigor of the blockade was greatly increased the navicert procedure was made compulsory and all un-navicerted cargo was liable to be regarded as destined for the enemy. All applications had to be referred to the MEW. At the same time the ship warrant scheme was introduced in conjunction with the Ministry of Shipping, whereby only those neutral shipowners who had given satisfactory evidence as to the employment of their vessels would be given access to British insurance, stores, repairs, and other facilities.

In this position Himmler devised methods of mass extermination of "racial degenerates, " such as Jews, Poles, Russians, Czechs, and gypsies among others. Knopf, ; Roger Manvell and H. A conference compromise resolution "recommended " the Latin American states break relations with the Axis nations.

  1. University College Cork.
  2. Die Märzrevolution (1848) und die Frage der Macht (German Edition).
  3. Irish neutrality during World War II?
  4. Young Children Becoming Curriculum: Deleuze, Te Wh?riki and curricular understandings (Contesting Early Childhood).
  5. The United States desired stronger wording. Argentina opposed any resolution. November agreement initially between Germany and Japan to exchange information on the activities of Soviet-backed international communist parties. Goebbels recorded in his diary on January 22, , that "The Swedes and Swiss are playing with fire. Let us hope they will burn their fingers before this war is over. By Louis P. Goebbels served as Nazi Minister of Propaganda from until he committed suicide on May 1, Almost ten miles in length the St. Gotthard tunnel connected central and southern Switzerland.

    A Spanish unit of some 20, volunteers and five air squadrons, which served with the Germany Army on the Eastern Front from late to April It was disbanded at the latter date, as a result of Allied pressure, but a clandestine "Blue Legion " continued to serve until January Researchers may find useful Gerald R. Kleinfeld and Lewis A. Laval from June to December , served as the minister of state and vice-premier in France's Petain government. He was recalled by Petain to service in April to head the Vichy government, including heading the ministries of foreign affairs, interior, and information.

    He was the main agent of German power in France. He raised a French army for Hitler, allowed Frenchmen to be deported to Germany for forced labor, and made no objections to Nazi plundering in France. In September he fled to Germany. In March Hitler appointed Fritz Sauckel plenipotentiary for the mobilization of labor which made him responsible for Germany's entire workforce including foreigners including slave laborers and prisoners of war.

    Acronmyn derived from Geheime Staatspolizei State Secret Police , which replaced the Prussian political police in The SS Schutztaffel , protection squads formed in , became the personal bodyguard of Adolf Hitler and grew into the most powerful organization within the Nazi Party and the Nazi State under the leadership of Heinrich Himmler.

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    The SS served as a political police and was later assigned the duty of administering concentration camps and extermination camps. Served as Reichsbank president from December till In March , Hitler reappointed him to that position and appointed him Minister of Economics, in which position he served from to He was appointed Plenipotentiary-General for the War Economy in May , and proceeded to direct the economic preparations for war.

    He was dismissed as Reichsbank President on January 20, He served as Minister without Portfolio until January Josef Goebbels, served as Nazi minister of propaganda from until he committed suicide on May 1, Fred Taylor New York: G. And trans. Hugh Trevor-Roper; trans.

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    Researchers may find useful information about corporations among the Records of the Securities and Exchange Commission Record Group Finding aids for these records are located in the consultation area of Room Name for the Irish Free State after When the war began its prime minister Eamon de Valera declared the country neutral--the only member of the British Empire to remain outside the conflict.

    Researchers may find useful John P. Nowlan and T. Ryle Dwyer, Neutral Ireland and the U. The founder of the Norwegian Fascist National Union Party, proclaimed himself Norway's prime minister after the German invasion of Norway in April , and in February , Hitler made him the country's minister-president and began the Nazification of his country.

    It consisted of the Baltic States, part of Byelorussia, and part of eastern Poland.

    Ireland in World War Two: Neutrality and the Art of Survival Ireland in World War Two: Neutrality and the Art of Survival
    Ireland in World War Two: Neutrality and the Art of Survival Ireland in World War Two: Neutrality and the Art of Survival
    Ireland in World War Two: Neutrality and the Art of Survival Ireland in World War Two: Neutrality and the Art of Survival
    Ireland in World War Two: Neutrality and the Art of Survival Ireland in World War Two: Neutrality and the Art of Survival
    Ireland in World War Two: Neutrality and the Art of Survival Ireland in World War Two: Neutrality and the Art of Survival

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