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He was later arrested and the old coach came back to coach the team. Recommendation I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves the game of football. This book had many very interesting parts in it. It is definitely a good book to read if your school is coming back from not being so good just like our team here at Weyauwega-Fremont. Feb 11, Haven rated it it was amazing. Personal Response I liked this book it was easy to read. I also liked the story because I like to play basketball and I wouldn't like it if someone offered me steroids.

Plot This book is about a new coach coming into a program with a bunch of new ideas and the team starts to win. The problems start when some players are offered steroids to make them even better players. The players start to get into trouble because of the steroids. Eventually the new coach is arrested and life goes bac Personal Response I liked this book it was easy to read. Eventually the new coach is arrested and life goes back to normal without steroids. Characterization Coach Barnes is a big shot coach who comes to a little high school with lots of plans. First everyone is excited about his plans but soon people begin to see him for what he is.

Moose is a star football player who loves to win. When he is offered the steroids to get even better he takes them.

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When he starts to have issues because of them he gets into trouble. Finally he stops taking them and he doesn't get into anymore trouble.

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Recommendation I would recommend this book to middle to high school athletes. This book shows how to not be pressured into doing things you don't think are right. Some coaches might also read it to see how the pressure to be better affects their players. Mar 04, Vashane rated it it was ok. When a coach comes to their smaller school to bring the football program up to contender status, Moose and the rest of the players on the team are pumped. Coach Barnes has new ideas and a vision for the future—nothing is too good for his players. Juice is a compelling story about the pressures and t When a coach comes to their smaller school to bring the football program up to contender status, Moose and the rest of the players on the team are pumped.

Nov 09, Keaton Norris rated it really liked it. Moose is the mvp of the first year.

The coach for that year announced that he has retired. The new coach comes in and brings so much gear and cool things to the place and one thing that brings things down, steroids. Jun 14, Heather Fields rated it really liked it. I thought this book was interesting. I'd recommend this book to anyone who likes sports.

Feb 26, Hannah Hogan rated it liked it. This book was pretty good. It was an interesting story about steroids and sports. I would recommend this book to teens who play sports. Nov 07, Anthonyb added it. I think the book was very good. Nov 04, Noah Williams added it. This book is probably one of the best books i have read in a long time.

Orca Soundings

Even though throughout the story there is suspicion of what is going on you never actually know if it is happening till the very end and you also don't know who is behind the whole thing for sure until the end of the book. The entire structure of the book is great with the beginning being a very important game for the team. The middle of the book which is basically just setup for the end is still really good. Throughout the This book is probably one of the best books i have read in a long time. Throughout the middle things keep coming up that raise a few question for the reader and those questions are what drives the reader like me to keep going because like many i wanted to find out who, what, and why.

The ending was also very good and if the story would've been a longer story i feel the ending would've been a bit emotional for some readers because what happens in the end is pretty touching. Well hopefully this review has gave you enough but not to much information for you to make a decision but i highly recommend this book, not to long, not to short and a great storyline. Apr 24, Trever Ballard added it. The novel Juiced by Eric Walters is an incredible story about a young and talented football player, Michael.

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Michael grew up in a small town, and attends a small division 2 high school. In the previous year, Michael and his team had won the division 2 championships with lots of graduating seniors, and a coach that he would later find out had retired from his position as coach, and teacher.

Michael was the MVP of the team leading all players in sacks on the season, and awarded with the game ball after getting the game winning sack, and fumble recovery to lead his team to the championship. Once his father left, he followed in his footsteps, and became a big time football player. Once the offseason began for Michael and his team, the new coach, Coach Barnes refurbished all of the old stuff the football program had.

This excited all the players, and Coach Barnes hired a strength coach, Tony to help the boys reach their full physical capabilities. Tony worked with the boys a lot, but worked with Michael the most giving him solid vitamin advice, and food supplements that would help him get as big as possible. Michael and the team were all lifting hard, and working to the best of their abilities so that their new coaches dream of competing in a Division 1 school league, and winning it.

Coach Barnes had coached at Central his whole career, a D1 school, and had won 4 titles there. So his arrival at the school was a huge one.

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Tony talks to Michael and gets him started on steroids, and from there things just get worse for Michael. He gets suspended from work for yelling at a customer, which makes his mother disappointed in him, then worst of all lies to his best friend Caleb about his use of steroids, which could have led to their friendships end.

When Michael crashes on his couch, and gets a call about a meeting with his team, he freaks out because he has such little time to make it to the school. Once there his old coach, Coach Reeves comes through the door to tell the boys that Coach Barnes and Tony had been arrested for the selling and use of steroids to college, pro and even high school level players.

Coach Reeves had to tell the team that they would be interviewed by the police, and if they told the truth about their use of steroids, then no charges would be applied to the young men. This causes Michael to stand up and admit to his use, which causes other on his team to do the same. This moment of honesty shows that Michael is a great kid, and is always trying to do what is best for his team.

This causes Coach Reeves to want Michael as his captain even more for the next year. All coaches wish for talented players who are also morally straight, and wanting to do everything they do for the team. I really enjoyed this book, because it talked about student athletes, and what good ones look like. It also leads you to ask the questions, why do so many people think that cheating the system is the only way to achieve their goals?

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Being honest and truthful is always better than being better than the next person and what you do, because it lets people know that you are trustworthy, and that is a trait that people are fonder of than being good at one thing because you lied or cheated to get there. This takes place after Michael tells his coach what he had done, and instead of being mad, his coach says that he wants him to be the captain of the team more than ever.

This takes place while Michaels is at his job, and is important because it tells us straight up that all the qualities that makes people like you and appreciate you are all based off of being honest. My favorite passage from the book was at the end of the book when Michael is talking to Coach Reeves about what he had done, and how ashamed he really was of what he had done. He was scared that his coach, whom he so admired, was going to be angry with him and Coach Reeves, says how proud he was of him for being honest. Do you know what that makes us?

This quote is inspirational, and is the definition of what every sport team should play, but very few do. And when you find those who do, they will always be the real winners.

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The book Juice by Eric Walters takes place in a smaller high school that had just won their division two championship for football. Then suddenly their coach is wanting to retire after coaching for twenty-seven years.

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  8. The main character is named Michael but his nickname is Moose, he had been handed the game ball for the championship and was one of the better players on the team. But when the new coach came he was making a lot of changes, the locker room was to be redone, they would play in divis The book Juice by Eric Walters takes place in a smaller high school that had just won their division two championship for football.

    Juice (Orca Soundings) Juice (Orca Soundings)
    Juice (Orca Soundings) Juice (Orca Soundings)
    Juice (Orca Soundings) Juice (Orca Soundings)
    Juice (Orca Soundings) Juice (Orca Soundings)
    Juice (Orca Soundings) Juice (Orca Soundings)

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