Les deux Asies (Documents Français) (French Edition)

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Email or Customer ID. Forgot password? The aim of this behaviour is to mask the actual problems facing the country, the way in which the population is coping with them and attempts made by the Government to overcome them; above all, it sets out to cover up the planners and perpetrators of the criminal and terrorist actions carried out by the FMLN-FDR, with the backing of other governments and international Organisations.

The Government's communication states that as regards the accusations of government repression against trade unions and grass-roots organisations, it should be stressed that the right of all workers to freedom of association is respected in El Salvador; this right is guaranteed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare in application of Decree No. Furthermore, the judges presiding over these courts cannot be considered as perpetrators of repression because they are only civil servants who, under the Constitution, have the power to judge and execute verdicts and their actions are within the framework of the law.

Finally, as regards the accusations of repression made against the army, it is necessary to point out that during the past few years, the trade union organisations have set out to create labour disputes, not only with the aim of achieving wage increases but also of destabilising the Government with their political intransigence, by making demands that it is unable to fulfill because of the socio-economic and political crisis prevailing in the country.

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Furthermore, several organisations have formed an alliance with the FMLN groups; it is for this reason that they have been considered cover groups and their actions Part of the FMLN-FDR's destabilisation programmes; this has been proved because secret documents have been seized both from these organisations and FMLN groups. It should also be pointed out that the organisations which declare that they are repressed have - taking advantage of the constitutional right to freedom of speech - resorted to street demonstrations accompanied by violent terrorist acts such as the painting of walls and vehicles, the burning of vehicles, attacks on public and private property, police provocation, etc.

Confronted with this behaviour, the role of the army has been to remain vigilant and guarantee the safety of private and public property, as well as that of the population in general. By resorting to such action, these organisations are not only endangering the life of their members but also that of the population as a whole, which has shown its total disapproval of the violent and irrational methods used to promote the trade union cause. The Government's communication concludes by stating that such acts of provocation set out to provoke the army in order to create martyrs so that they might then wage campaigns to distort reality, in which they denounce the Government and the army as violators of Salvadorian human rights - especially those of the working class.

In this respect, it reports that according to a news item in a local magazine, Mr.

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Torres, known as "Carlos", was arrested on 22 April this year by members of the Fiscal Police on the suspicion that he had committed acts of a terrorist nature, of setting fire to a bus on the No. The Government encloses a copy of the local magazine containing the above-mentioned news item.

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In this respect, it states that given the delicacy of the case in question, an inquiry is at present being carried out by the executive unit of the Criminal Investigation Committee; information on the findings of this inquiry will therefore be communicated in due course. The Committee's conclusions C. The Committee's conclusions The Committee observes that the complainant provides a general picture of the economic, political and social situation of the country and includes in the annex a list of alleged acts of repression carried out between August and December The Committee also takes note of the general information provided by the Government, in particular that the sources of many of the accusations made by the ICFTU come from the various press media which pass on information they are given by persons Or organisations claiming to be the victims of repression, without ascertaining the truth Of such information.

According to the Government, this is all part of a campaign to distort the truth of what is happening in the country at the international level by the complainants who are trying to protect the authors of criminal and terrorist acts carried out by the FMLN-FDR with the support of other governments and international organisations. The Committee likewise takes note of the explanations given by the Government regarding the accusations of repression by the Government and the armed forces against trade unions and grass-roots organisations in which it states that in recent years the trade union organisations have set out to create labour disputes, not with the aim of achieving wage increases but of destabilising the Government by means of political intransigence.

As regards the Government's comments, the Committee emphasises the principle that a climate of violence which results in the assassination or disappearance of trade union leaders is a serious obstacle to the exercise of trade union rights; such acts require severe measures on the part of the authorities. As regards the allegation concerning the arrest of the trade unionist Fredy Torres, on 22 April , on suspicion of having committed terrorist acts, the Committee observes that according to the Government he was released by the Sixth Criminal Court as there were no charges against him.

The Committee recalls in this connection the principle that the arrest by the authorities of trade unionists against whom no charges are subsequently brought can result in restrictions on trade union rights. Governments should take steps to ensure that the competent authorities receive appropriate instructions to avoid the danger which detention measures pose to trade union activities.

It is the responsibility of the governments to ensure that basic human rights are respected. As regards the allegations made by the ICFTU in a list appended to its communication of 7 March concerning government repression of trade unions and grass-roots organisations during the period of August to December , the Committee notes the observations of the Government on some of the allegations contained in this list see Annexes I and II at the end of this case. It draws the Government's attention to the principle that trade union rights can only be exercised in a climate that is free from violence, pressure or threats of any kind against trade unionists and it is for governments to ensure the respect of this principle; furthermore, it recalls that a genuinely free and independent trade union movement can only develop where fundamental human rights are fully respected and guaranteed.

Les deux Asies (Documents Français) (French Edition) Les deux Asies (Documents Français) (French Edition)
Les deux Asies (Documents Français) (French Edition) Les deux Asies (Documents Français) (French Edition)
Les deux Asies (Documents Français) (French Edition) Les deux Asies (Documents Français) (French Edition)
Les deux Asies (Documents Français) (French Edition) Les deux Asies (Documents Français) (French Edition)
Les deux Asies (Documents Français) (French Edition) Les deux Asies (Documents Français) (French Edition)
Les deux Asies (Documents Français) (French Edition) Les deux Asies (Documents Français) (French Edition)
Les deux Asies (Documents Français) (French Edition) Les deux Asies (Documents Français) (French Edition)
Les deux Asies (Documents Français) (French Edition) Les deux Asies (Documents Français) (French Edition)
Les deux Asies (Documents Français) (French Edition) Les deux Asies (Documents Français) (French Edition)

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