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The solar canopy, another first, shelters motorists from the sun and rain while they charge, with the solar panels contributing additional power to the chargers. Currently fitted with two charging heads, Coochin Creek has the space and infrastructure to support an additional four chargers as Australian EV ownership increases. For the first month of opening, November, charging at Coochin Creek will be free.

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After this, Evie customers will be able to use a pay-as-you-go system via the Evie app, available on both iOS and Android devices, or an RFID card which can be ordered via the app. During a pause in the conversation, Soleil and Esther lean back into the plush booth and snap a selfie: Soleil puts up a peace sign and Esther tilts her head to the side.

As they converse, Soleil fiddles with the photo on her phone and places cute stickers over their faces. Just like the wine list she designed at Lord Stanley, this one is very invested in low-intervention winemaking practices. The Trick Dog approach of adding super-eyebrow-raising ingredients is suddenly everywhere.

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In the wrong hands, it could be gimmicky, but —. Esther peers around the booth — really, she flops over and sticks her head out. The server appears from around the corner and delivers a practiced and smooth spiel. Act II. When the lights go up, the room has clearly gotten more crowded, with the booths and low, cushioned seats filling up with Financial District workers in floral blouses and buttoned-up shirts with rolled-up sleeves.

The room is full of limbs: outstretched with drinks in hand, held out for embraces, waving down servers.

The music shifts into a more psychedelic rock direction; somehow the pink neon seems to shine brighter and hazier. Amid all of this romance, Soleil and Esther examine the glasses in front of them in the manner of forensic investigators. On the table are the Io and Grain in Ear cocktails. Enthralled, Esther takes a photo. The Grain in Ear cocktail, a mezcal-based drink, features curly strands of corn husk that are burnt at the ends.

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The two women take their first sips; Esther takes care to prevent the husk from poking her in the eye. But this is subtle.

See a Problem?

Soleil takes another sip and hands the drink to Esther, who does the same. In the background, a group of friends takes a selfie in front of the bar. And I like the mezcal in both of these drinks a lot — the bar knows how to balance that smokiness with other flavors. The black garlic here is softly caramel-y and not treated like a centerpiece. And my cocktail is pretty restrained, too, surprisingly.

She takes a few photos, rotating her phone to get various angles, before she and Esther dig in. Which ones did you like on your earlier visits? Soleil holds out her fingers and makes a squishing motion to emphasize her point, then quickly tosses some peanuts into her mouth with chopsticks.

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The server, diligent as ever, appears instantly. Join Hundred Watt Club at City Hall Salisbury for a vintage inspired, champagne popping evening of burlesque, the perfect way to celebrate Valentines day Let your hair down and enjoy a good old fashioned glittering line-up of showgirls, circus, cabaret and comedy, all wrapped up with a feisty, tongue-in-cheek ribbon!

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The Lowdown: Not for the fainthearted, this show employs and embraces adult themes, strong language and partial nudity with gusto. Over 18s Only.

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Glamorous, vintage attire is encouraged we love it when you dress up! Hats - and corsets - off to Lena Mae for an excellent night of entertainment' Sussex Express. We produce theatre shows, club nights and pop up shows, as well as themed life-drawing events and workshops in burlesque, performance and costume.

Mr Brightlys Evening Off Mr Brightlys Evening Off
Mr Brightlys Evening Off Mr Brightlys Evening Off
Mr Brightlys Evening Off Mr Brightlys Evening Off
Mr Brightlys Evening Off Mr Brightlys Evening Off
Mr Brightlys Evening Off Mr Brightlys Evening Off

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