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Check out our handy guide! Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below. Screenshots containing UI elements are generally declined on sight, the same goes for screenshots from the modelviewer or character selection screen. The ghost of St Feliou is still with us. As we leave Frejus we snag a mooring line and the boat is locked in unable to go forward or back. We use the bowthruster to get the bow out and push the stern out with the boat hook.

With a bit of jiggling forward and astern we free ourselves and head out of the marina before any other incidents.

No damage. The passage to Golf de St Juan was otherwise short and uneventful. We arrive at the fuel berth to top up before mooring and discover that everyone has gone to lunch. So we join them with lunch aboard moored up to the fuel berth. We are then directed to our berth which is on the pontoon adjacent to where our nephew Tim has his old 50 foot motor boat.

There is a slight smell of diesel and I decide to investigate, remembering the last time we had litres of diesel in the bilge. Where has this come from? I mop it up and think about possible causes. Overnight I have a brainwave, we had sluiced out the halyard bin the day before and the water from this could have leaked through into the engine bilge.

I check the plumbing and sure enough there is a pipe running from the halyard bin to the water drain pipe. I notice that the hose clips are not fitted properly and this could actually be the cause. I ask Gillian to pour a bucket of water into the halyard bin to observe the flow.

The water can be seen going down the hose to the drain, without a drop being spilt! I look around the engine checking all hoses and notice a drip forming on the bottom of the fuel filter. The drip becomes a drop with a new drip forming. Over time this would amount to quite a significant volume and would build up without notice as the bottom of bilge is hidden by the engine.

So I had found a possible cause and needed to fix it. I turn off the fuel and drain off the diesel in the pipes and redo the filter drain plug cause of the drip. Put it all back together again, turn on the diesel and bleed. The drip is still there.


I repeat this process another two times before the drip is stopped. We run the engine to test and there is no drip. We can put everything back together and get on with preparing the boat for our new crew note we now use the term crew as opposed to guest as we are not running a holiday business just yet! Next morning I decide to double check the engine bilge and notice that the drip has restarted.

This is becoming frustrating.

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Halfway through this our crew arrive in the middle of a downpour. They are trapped in the cockpit until I can get the stairs back in place. We get them onboard and welcomed and now have the benefit of additional input in to the leak fix.

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We decide to replace the fuel filter and low and behold the leak is fixed. The boat is enormous and I am amazed at how a skipper and one crew can manage the mooring of such a monster. I think lots of bow thrusters and two propellers help.

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It is a very different type of boating to what we are doing. Great to see them both and catchup on news. We consult the weather forecast and see that Gulf de Lyon is blowing hard over the next week, so we will need to make our passage to Pisa along the more sheltered French and Italian Riviera. As we have previously spent time near Monaco and Monton we decide to target San Remo. It is a long motor into a head wind all the way, but if you want to want make miles, you need to keep speed. San Remo was charming and elegant.

We saw a nice restaurant to have dinner in and then proceeded to tour the rest of the possible dinner venues before coming back to where to we started. Drinks first though and we enjoyed our drinks with a very generous supply of tasty snacks that are provided with the drinks. This is the custom in Italy as it is in Spain — very civilised!

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  8. We left in dark cloud and it was quite windy, so out with the sails. The day then cleared up and wind disappeared. We managed to drift along for a while before resorting to the engine. We have our first swim about 2 minutes long at a beach near the marina. The outboard and tender was tested and tuned up for the short trip over to the beach.

    Alassio is a seaside resort and was pretty deserted. We manage to do some shopping, find a bar and then eat on board pasta and veal. The wind is light and on the nose.

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    We are heading well off our desired course for an hour and a half before the wind starts to pick up and become more favourable for us. Ellie bags another Otto before we have the wind dead behind us.

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    A good sailing day. We arrive at Virazze. Dinner was at a great pizza restaurant on the esplanade. Life on board is pretty easy with Rob and Ellie performing most of the sailing and boat handling tasks. Our mooring technique is improving and getting slick with the 4 of us all working together. No further mooring incidents to report. This a traditional port and we moor up stern to against the quay. The town is picturesque and we have a good explore before dinner at a trattoria on the harbour front.

    It was a rolly night with the swell coming in to the port — not conducive for sleeping. Ebooks and Manuals

    We decide to find a mooring inside the barrier as the swell is still pushing in. There is a small bay and village called Le Grazie that we opt for. I call up on channel 16 a few times but get no response, so we tie up to a small pontoon. The village is very quiet and apart from the boatyard near us appears lifeless.

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    The water is smooth and there is no swell in here. We waited patiently until 9am to see if anyone would turn up and pickup the mooring fee — sadly no one arrived before we left. Final passage with Rob and Ellie was then down to Pisa where there is a new marina about 7 miles from the centre of Pisa. Very impressive — the last time I was up the tower was in , with significantly less safety fencing in place.

    The Adventures of Stormglider The Adventures of Stormglider
    The Adventures of Stormglider The Adventures of Stormglider
    The Adventures of Stormglider The Adventures of Stormglider
    The Adventures of Stormglider The Adventures of Stormglider
    The Adventures of Stormglider The Adventures of Stormglider

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