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The ventilation pipe. Rutkowski et al.

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  • Investigating the limits of ant living conditions is a subject of keen interest for some entomologists. So, for several years, researchers made repeated trips to the bunker and watched in fascination as this isolated population continued to grow and survive despite a lack of light, heat, or obvious nourishment. Now, scientists finally know how these trapped insects pulled it off: the mass consumption of their own imprisoned nest mates.

    The colony built above the ventilation pipe. Czechowski et al.

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    • Cannibalism was obviously suspected; wood ants are, after all, the only major food source available in this tight spot, apart from the occasional dead mouse or bat. Plus, this particular species is known to consume their own fallen dead during territorial " ant wars " when food is often scarce. To confirm this hunch, a team of researchers collected corpses from several ant 'cemeteries' scattered within the bunker.

      Closely examining dead worker ants, the team noticed the vast majority of bodies roughly 93 percent had gnawed holes and bite marks.

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      The authors say these are clear signs of mass consumption, with practically no other organism in the bunker capable of making these marks. It seems that wood ants can handle remarkable adversity in their bid for survival. Within four months, nearly all the trapped ants had deserted the bunker floor. The recently installed boardwalk.

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      Following a trail of bad blood between perpetrator and victim has led our hero to a far-flung town tangled in family ties with a nearby power plant conspicuously hungry for foreign investment. Against this backdrop of chilly fjords, hardscrabble moors and blackened volcanic rock, season two has sometimes felt like a murder mystery set in Mordor. Even if the gorgeous Icelandic skies have remained generally storm-free, it still seems like many of the characters are trapped, be it desperate farmers paralysed by their financial liabilities or cheap migrant workers cooped up in cramped digs.

      In the early running, the atmosphere remained one of dread, grasping in the dark and escalating uncertainty. Even the ground underfoot could not be trusted, thanks to lurching mini-quakes in the area triggered by industrial drilling.

      A militant nationalist group stirring up anti-immigration feeling in rural communities called the Hammer of Thor was initially dangled as the likely masterminds behind the worst misdeeds. But after foolishly kidnapping the local mayor and getting stomped on by Icelandic SWAT, the gang threat had essentially evaporated by episode five.

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      There has also been the low-key pleasure of seeing a detective serious about community policing go about his business. To make things worse, he even broke a romantic date to chase down the lead and all he got for his trouble was two knife thrusts from a hooded figure in a dark alley. Who knows how the usually stoic Andri will react when he learns his friend has been attacked?

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