Wake-Up Call: Tales from a Frontier Doctor

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See details. See all 2 brand new listings. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Be the first to write a review. About this product Product Information In his second book, Sterling Haynes begins by telling us that at the age of seventy a left hemisphere stroke rearranged his brain.

My right creative side took over and I started to write poetry and humour. I was left with a partially paralysed right foot, but a writer's creative right brain. The funny episodes in my medical practice became hilarious. The sad, melancholy parts of my life's memories looked less bleak. Haynes goes on to share the humorous and sometimes bizarre tales of his life as a doctor; a man shoots off his big toe in a drunken binge and then begs the doc to get him to Sunday Mass on time, an inmate swallows a spoon to avoid solitary confinement, an accident with a Murphy bed leaves a man hanging for more than ten hours.

I worked long hours, made house calls, went out with the ambulance and flew to remote accident areas, sometimes receiving payment in kind: hinds of beef, lamb and moose, bags of potatoes and turnips and on one occasion, a big game guide brought me a four point buck in payment for delivering his first son, leaving the dressed carcass in the centre of my waiting room. Eliot was a conservative but one can discuss with the conservatives as they respect differences but not fascists. Full text So What? Frontier in Print. Doctors' Strike in West Bengal.

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As the victims close in, the scientists appear with guns ready to attack, and then several crab-like creatures appear from the ceiling and attack the group. Suddenly a wall blasts off and an army of toys march in. Everyone looks out the hole to see Santa riding Rudolph, and dismounting. The reindeer is humourously calmed by Santa, using a car fob. Santa demands an answer as to what is happening; he doesn't want any trouble on his property.

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To everyone's surprise, Santa is able to order the victims back to bed. Everyone heads into a different room to avoid waking them again. Shona wonders who Santa is, to which the Doctor sarcastically states to take a guess, listing the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Santa tells the Doctor that an invasion has begun. Clara wonders if it's an invasion of elves, angering them; they retort that she's one to talk as she's almost as short as them. Santa presents a captured creature, which the Doctor recognises as a Kantrofarri or " dream crab ".

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Santa's existence is questioned by everyone, especially Shona, whom he angers, but he encourages them to focus on the dream crabs as Earth may have just seen its last Christmas depending on how many are there. The Doctor encourages Ashley to deduce what they are and what they do; he then explains that they are dying and most likely asleep. He and Clara then admit to each other that they lied - he about finding Gallifrey, she about Danny returning from the Nethersphere - so the other could move on with their lives to be happy.

The footage shows the four crew members discovering the creatures, buried in the snow. The footage then shows one of the creatures coming down from the ceiling, which sends the camera static. The Doctor explains that when a dream crab attacks someone, it places them in a telepathically induced dream state. Whilst the victim is "dreaming", the crab drills into the victim's head and eats away at their brain. And if you are thinking about a dream crab, one is most likely coming for you. Albert compares the creatures to facehuggers , confusing the Doctor; after Albert explains that he means the horror movie Alien , a miffed Doctor explains that it's really offensive and must be why real aliens keep invading Earth.

Clara's dream Christmas with Danny. Clara goes to check on the captured crab, only to find it missing from the container. It begins to stalk her, at which point Clara tries thinking of maths equations and then of Danny to stop it. Unfortunately, it breaks through the table she's hiding under, putting her into a dream state. Clara finds herself at her house on Christmas day with Danny; when Clara is confused by his outfit, Danny jokes he's "Father Easter".

The Doctor and the group arrive at Clara's side, where the Doctor tries to work out a way to remove the crab without killing Clara.

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Ashley states the only way to remove the crab would be to kill Clara. He refuses to do so, asking Santa who can't be targeted by the crabs to bring one to place on his head. In Clara's dream, night has fallen and she's snuggled up to Danny on a couch facing their Christmas tree. Hearing someone at the door, Clara goes and answers. It's the Doctor, who informs her that everything she's seeing is not real; annoyed, Clara lets him and introduces dream Danny.

The Doctor greets him, earning a military holiday greeting in return; something the real Danny would do to annoy him. Clara knows it's not real, but wanted to spend more time with Danny; however, in a few minutes, the dream crab will have burrowed too deep into her head to be removed. The dream Danny explains that while he did die, it was to save Clara; the rest of the world got lucky. He encourages Clara to move on but to mourn him for five minutes a day. The Doctor and Clara awaken, causing the crabs to fall off and disintegrate; "Carnivore's hazard; food has teeth, too.

Despite waking up, Clara complains of a pain on the right side of her head.

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Shona compares it to the "ice cream pain" and confirms she has the same pain. The Doctor then works out that they are in fact still in a dream, having been attacked when they arrived.

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With some help from Santa — who is revealed to be a manifestation of everyone's brains telling them something is wrong — the group are able to wake up. They escape the infirmary, barely evading the victims. The Doctor bids farewell to the group as Clara goes after him; the Doctor explains that unless the group is stupid enough to let the dream crabs out, they should be fine. He also explains he can't keep constant watch, stating that there are other dangerous things on the planet. Clara notes they both saw Santa on her rooftop, meaning they're still dreaming.

They return to the base where the Doctor questions the scientists on why they only have four base manuals for a crew of eight people.

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They perform the Helman-Ziegler test , resulting in each person reading off the first word of page 12 ; "Very, very, very, dead". It's another sign that they're still dreaming; worse, it means the danger has increased, given three "very"s. Taking them to the CCTV monitors, the Doctor reminds them of the patients, which he reveals are dream constructs of what's coming to kill them. Worse, the constructs have multiplied; "logic of a nightmare" the Doctor notes.

The Doctor tells everybody to use their imagination to get themselves home, and so they all dream of Santa, who appears in his sleigh and rescues the group. Having been rescued by Santa, the memories of the group's real lives start coming back to them, meaning that they're waking up in the real world.

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Shona suggests that they exchange phone numbers so they can meet up once they awaken, but the Doctor states that it's unlikely that they will remember anything that's happened in the dream. One by one, everyone except Clara awakens, who wants to stay in the dream world forever. The Doctor travels to Clara's house and is successful in removing the crab from her face with his sonic screwdriver , but finds 62 years have passed for her since they said goodbye in the coffee shop after Danny's death; this places Clara at age In Clara's living room, the Doctor brings in Christmas hats, believing that anything seems funny if the hats are worn.

They discuss her life since they last met. She travelled, but never married despite numerous admirers; she does admit that there was one other man besides Danny she liked; "but it wouldn't work out; he was impossible. He apologises for not returning for her sooner, wishing that he had.

Wake-Up Call: Tales from a Frontier Doctor Wake-Up Call: Tales from a Frontier Doctor
Wake-Up Call: Tales from a Frontier Doctor Wake-Up Call: Tales from a Frontier Doctor
Wake-Up Call: Tales from a Frontier Doctor Wake-Up Call: Tales from a Frontier Doctor
Wake-Up Call: Tales from a Frontier Doctor Wake-Up Call: Tales from a Frontier Doctor
Wake-Up Call: Tales from a Frontier Doctor Wake-Up Call: Tales from a Frontier Doctor
Wake-Up Call: Tales from a Frontier Doctor Wake-Up Call: Tales from a Frontier Doctor

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